#11 — on writing and explaining things

10 things worth sharing

Hi there,

You may notice that the newsletter this week is hours late. It’s been a busy week for me. I was creating a web design test project for a competition. I had full day meetings with web design experts from other regions. I just finished another poster design judging to pick the Macao candidates for the up-coming ACA Championship, which my student won the world champion in 2014.

Web design test project

So it’s a long day. I’m taking a short break to write this email and summarize the links I read last week that worth share to you, my friends. Afterwards, I need to continue working on the update of my HTML5 Game Development video course.

So here are them, hand picked, and worth sharing.

  1. The story behind how John Gruber created the Markdown. I found this when I was looking at BBEdit’s testimonials story.

  2. On WhatsApp’s why they don’t sell ads — “We knew we could do what most people aim to do every day: avoid ads.” I don’t like building apps with ads too.

  3. Communication applications should encrypt data with end-to-end encryption. Why? Because master key is a single point of failure: Canadian police have been able to intercept BlackBerry Messenger conversations since 2010

  4. Typography tips for a better user experience. The one rule to remember if you don’t read the essay. use . e.g. Im a boy. Youre my friend.

  5. Really amazing that Dropbox can migrate their storage server out of Amazon without any clients noticing it. May be that’s the reason that Dropbox once suspected they wrongly deleted my files and gave me 1 extra year of subscription. (And restored my files, which I really deleted those files.)

  6. I’m learning to write briefer and explain things clearer. “Worry about explaining it clearly and then build the rest of the interface around that explanation.” — Jason Fried.

  7. For email copy, recently I read good emails on this GoodEmailCopy.com

  8. Speaking about explaining things, highly recommend this book: Thing Explainer.

  9. Speaking about content, The elements of content strategy is a good read.

  10. I read many books. I’m considering to get the new Kindle Oasis to replace my 4 years old kindle. Do you read on kindle? What’s your thought?

That’s it. I read much more than 10 links this week but these are the ones inspire me most, or useful to me. Hope that applies to you too.

Quote of the week:

Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself. — George Bernard Shaw.

By the way, did George Bernard Shaw really said that?

It’s time for me to get back to my screencast recordings. Enjoy your weekend!

p.s. If you’re new to my newsletter, you may find my previous emails in the Medium archive.

Until next week,

Thomas Mak