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10 things worth sharing each week

Hi there,

Wish you had a great week. Here are the 10 things I hand picked that’s worth sharing to my friends.

  1. What is the probabilities for years left to live? Or I recommend keeping this timestripe calendar as your default browser page.

  2. This is a glimpse on how we show interactive data on web page: Every shot Kobe Bryant ever took.

  3. Recommend reading 1 or 2 design facts every day. By the way, I love this kind of bite-sized information.

  4. Also, I like the typography used in the Design Facts. Playfair Display and Crimson Text.

  5. An essay on web animation past, present, and future. In my opinions, I still bet Adobe Animate is the go-to tool to create animation.

  6. On how not to grow too fast: “So we purposely created an initial high barrier to entry in order to filter for that commitment.” — Clarie Lew on Launch: Know Your Company moves to self-signup!

  7. “I don’t feel comfortable with this, but I know this is a business model that works. I feel like this is amplifying the bad side of human nature.” — Marti Wong, Hard lessons for creator of Little Fighter 2 and other would-be Hong Kong games developers. I agree on Marti’s statement.

  8. Must read if you write JavaScript events: Debouncing and Throttling Explained Through Examples

  9. WWDC is coming. It’s time to re-read the innovative new way to create applications for iPhone, from Apple, WWDC 2007, which is web app.

  10. 9x9 website. Can you identify which website are they?

Hope you enjoy the readings.

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Until next week,

Thomas Mak