#16 — Interesting links

10 things worth sharing each week.

Hi there,

Thanks again for reading my emails. This week, I share some interesting links I read and enjoyed.

BBC iWonder
I enjoy surfing around the BBC iWonder page to find interesting facts and timelines.

For example, here is the 15 key moments in the story of artificial intelligence. And simple facts about the secret of happiness.

Nouns used as verbs
Interesting noun-as-verb usage in English.

Adobe Spark
There are many Adobe’s apps and each of them do a focus thing. Among them, the Spark Page looks promising for non-web developer to create a web page — through the functionality is still limit at the moment.

CSS Purge - Saving the web 1kb at a time
Interesting statistics.

Nokia is coming back to phones and tablets
“Nokia has just announced that it will license its brand and intellectual property to a newly created company called HMD global.”

“The ideal outcome from today's business machinations will be a new hardware company that has all the design expertise of Nokia.”

Looks forward to see how they execute it.

Provide sharp knives
A good debate on monkey patching. Make sure you read the comments also, which readers disagrees with good reasons too.

Keep a Changeling
This is a good practice.

CSS Will Change Module Level 1
The `will-change` property in CSS is a big thing to optimize much heavier rendering in modern web design. This essay provides a good introducing on how to actually use it.

Picking a Color For Your Brand
“This was not just because of a great color choice, but because brands are built over time. In the beginning it's important to simply target a color that will do three things:

1. Resonate with your target audience.
2. Capture the emotion and tone of your brand.
3. Separate yourself from your competition.”

Six nifty ES6 tricks
Nice use of ES6’s default value function.

function mandatory() {    throw new Error('Missing parameter');}function foo(mustBeProvided = mandatory()) {    return mustBeProvided;}

More web design links next week.

Best Wishes,
Thomas Mak