#19 — Writing in HTML and Typesetting in CSS

10 things worth sharing each week.

I was hosting the Web Design skills competition for Guangdong province this weekend. I went back home yesterday evening and I had limited internet access during the trip. That’s why I had to postpone this email a day.

Web Design competition for Guangdong

This week, I am searching how to typeset with HTML and CSS. I have been seeking a better workflow for writing in plaintext and generating the entire project into documents, including PDF, text documents and even spreadsheet for tabular calculation.

  • Gitbook uses markdown for the book writing approach.

  • AsciiDoc is a good candidates to write long text documents with cross-referencing easier than markdown.

  • O’reilly promotes their HTMLBook spec.

Here are some plugin findings for spreadsheets:

Some essays on writing in plain text and typesetting in CSS:

Some tools on generation:

  • Pandoc — tool to convert between almost every text document formats.

  • DocRaptor — uses the Prince engine to convert HTML/CSS into beautiful PDF.

  • Vivliostyle also provides an HTML/CSS to PDF generator.

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Until next week,
Thomas Mak