#21 — CSS, HTML, Wordpress, HTTP 451 vs 404

10 things worth sharing every week

Hi there,

This week, let’s focus on the web design.

  1. 10 things you may not know about CSS, from Lea Verou.

  2. MarkSheet is a nicely crafted free HTML and CSS tutorial. Great for web design beginners.

  3. I like this little Midori Brass clip. Great for bookmarking my readings.

  4. A WordPress Code Cheat Sheet — If you are new to WordPress theme development.

  5. Inclusive Design Patterns” — The new book from Smashing Magazine. It will teach you the best practice on applying ARIA and other accessibility configures.

  6. There is no grid. Really? There is definitely a grid. Agree it or not, reading both sides of debate helps you rethink your current grid system.

  7. HTTP 451. The difference between 404 and 451 is that content is kept in server but the server won’t display it. For 404, the content is not found in server.

  8. Affinity for Windows — One of my favorite Mac photo editing app comes to Windows. As a Mac user, I care if they shift lots of development resources into the Windows edition and slow down the Mac updates.

  9. Notion.so — A tool to use writing tool as collaboration tool. This is my long-believed way to work. Plain text (or simple formatted text) with additional collaboration features.

  10. I’m hosting another class for CSS Effects in Macao. Here is one of the demo on animated box-shadow for a download button. In case you’re interested. Here is anther one and you may find all my codepens in my profile page.

Have a great week,

Thomas Mak