#23 — Writing and Online Marketing

10 things worth sharing

Hi there,

After a 2 weeks paused in July, I am trying to write more recently. I find that’s the way I beat my own procrastination. So here are the 10 things worth sharing this week:

  1. During these 2 weeks. I built a tool for myself to write. It is called write.md. I keep my diary and digital bullet journal here.

  2. Another post from Jason Fried: I’ve never had a goal.

  3. I shared a talk in HKBU about how readers read our posts.

  4. Email marketing is so important nowadays. Campaign Monitor just published their modern guidebook for email marketing.

  5. I’ve been tring both Wistia and Vimeo to host business videos. Wistia is really great except for the expensive price tag. Last week, Vimeo released their new plan for business and I will host my next tutorial videos there for comparison.

  6. I’m going to attend the EuroSkills 2016. It will host a Euro-wise web design competition there.

  7. Learned some CSS only parallax and scroll to effect last week.

  8. Read the interview with Charles Hull, the inventor of 3D printing technology.

  9. I’m learning how to do online lesson/workshop. I read this lesson learned post by Spruce Rd on using Crowdcast.

  10. I bought the How Dare You workshop by Paul Jarvis and Jason Zook. I hope to learn more on personal branding and hosting online workshop. By the way, highly recommended Paul Jarvis’ newsletter.

Quite a long week. I look forward to having another productivity days.

Have a great week,

Thomas Mak, written with care in a Macao.