#24 — I like Backpack

10 things worth sharing

Hi there,

Thanks again for reading my weekly email. This week, I share links on productivity, interviews, some old links, and a tool from my friend — GetTheQRCode.

  1. At this moment, when you’re reading my email, I’m in Orlando, Florida for the Adobe Creative Associate world championship. 2 students are with me to design a graphic design work, mostly poster or leaflet, for the non-profit client.

  2. My friend releases an ad-free QR code tool (https://gettheqrcode.com). Really, it’s just simple. For example, you have an URL http://example.com/present.pdf. Just append your URL to the end and you get the QR code: https://gettheqrcode.com/http://example.com/presen...

  3. I’m reading post on productivity: Bullet Journal for Professionals.

  4. And entrepreneurship: What the next Dollar Shave Club can learn from failure.

  5. Then interview on the process of creating Trello.

  6. From the same team: Designing HyperDev: How we’re tackling web development’s nagging complexity.

  7. Yahoo’s CEO said no work from home. Seriously?

  8. An old post: A peek at In/Out, an internal app at 37signals. The comments section contains a log on how Basecamp guys define their products and how their users response. (I clipped down some notes here)

  9. Old post again, back in 2010, it was how Basecamp and Backpack looked like. At that moment, I think Backpack was a really good idea.

  10. It seems now the Basecamp team has integrated the soul of Backpack into their trix editor.

Hope you enjoy my sharing. I’m now preparing for the ACA Championship. Wish that I can share some good news with you next week.

Best Regards,
— Thomas Mak