#27 — on Writing and Web Design

10 things worth sharing

Hi there,

You may wonder where I have been in these 2 weeks. I hosted 3 classes on Web Design and ReactJS. I picked up the Ulysses app again as my writing app. I followed a new approach to write. I write in pen & paper. Then I take a photo of my text into my Vesper-clone note taking app. After digitalizing the text, I move the content into Ulysses.

I documented my writing habit. But I yet to write a post about how I write using Ulysses. I used to use Day One, iA Writer, Textastic, Scrivener. Let me write a post about using the Ulysses later.

So, here are the 10 things worth sharing this week:

  1. The target=”_blank” vulnerability by example: “If you use the target=”_blank” attribute on a link, and do not accompany it with a rel=”noopener” attribute, you are leaving your users open to a very simple phishing attack.”

  2. The web is slow.

  3. Some cool and creative ideas on web design.

  4. Every time people say the ________ is boring without new design and innovation, I remember the important of incremental design. (Fill in the blank with any product, iPhone, macOS etc)

  5. Speaking of product update, keep reminding the team how bad features are born.

  6. The Oh shxt, git website is the go-to website when you have the “Oh shxt!” moment while using git.

  7. I found LightPaper, an markdown editor, that may be good for long-form writing with multiple folders and files. (But I’ll stick to Ulysses for a while.)

  8. My friend asked me last week on my favorite Podcast player. It is Overcast. The smart speed is the killing feature that saves me lots of time.

  9. Is the DOM for anything? I agree that we can express every interface with some kinds of tree hierarchy. And DOM is a well-known way to express such information structure.

  10. Finally, I am now documenting my every day’ activity in my own micro-blog.

Until next week,
Thomas Mak