#29 — Vue, Realm Sync, Mac terminal tips

10 things worth sharing

Hi there,

I had another week with HTML5 and basic web design classes. And this week is about the web technologies.

  1. I procrastinate a lot. Sometimes, strategically procrastinate may actually boost creativity. But procrastinating on executing a well-planned task is really a bad thing.

  2. Vue 2.0 is here. The web is becoming more interesting.

  3. What is Vue? You may want to read this introduction post. It’s a lightweight view library.

  4. People often compare Vue with React — A view library by Facebook. Here is a glimpse on the early years of React.

  5. People ofter compare Vue with jQuery too, where I raised my concern on their deprecation on $.bind and $.delegate in issue 18 on jQuery 3.0.

  6. The long-waited Realm sync solution: Realm mobile platform with realtime sync is in beta now.

  7. Seven rules for perfect Japanese typography. I always find a pleasure when reading Japanese.

  8. Rewriting bad writing. There is no standard answer on copy writing. But one general rule is to make the copy clear and simple.

  9. The Obvious, the Easy, and the Possible. “Making something obvious is expensive because it often means you have to make a whole bunch of other things less obvious. Obvious dominates and only one thing can truly dominate at a time.” — Jason Fried.

  10. Some useful Mac terminal tips.

Enjoy the week!

Until next week,
Thomas Mak