#31–1994 homepage that’s worth a look

10 things worth sharing each week

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This week, we look at Mozilla, Basecamp 3, note-taking tab and web design tools.

  1. Twitter could be the next Mozilla, which includes a brief history of Mozilla.

  2. The 1994 homepage of Mosaic Communications Corporation. A 22-year-old website that shows their content in a very good information architecture and provide a easy to read/navigate environment, even in 2016’s mobile.

  3. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisk by Jason Fried, on whether tripling prices is risky.

  4. Also, Jason Fried’s comment on the latest update on Basecamp 3. “One step at a time so people can get used to the fundamental ideas first and then we can layer in more power later, where appropriate.”

  5. Papier is an interesting notepad on your chrome’s new tab.

  6. Not using chrome? Here is the code to use your browser as notepad. I have made a shortuct for that: http://mak.la/note.

  7. $ and $$ in developer tool console. // $$ will return a collection in Array.

  8. Progressive enhancement isn’t dead, but it smells funny.

  9. 15 surprising things that can’t be copyrighted. // Interesting.

  10. I built a QR Code service — inQRCode.com — where you can prepend “inQRCode.com/” in any URL to get the QR code for it.

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