#33 — Surface Studio and Macbook touch bar

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This week, I have collected some links on the Surface Studio and Macbook’s touch bar. (There are many of them actually, I picked some that’s worth reading)

  1. Facebook lets advertisers exclude users by race.

  2. What Facebook knows about you.

  3. I haven’t owned a PC since 2004 after I switched to iBook G4. But I would like to buy this Microsoft Surface Studio.

  4. What creatives think of the Microsoft Surface Studio.

  5. At the same week, Apple releases the Macbook with touch bar. I’ve ordered one, so that I can develop on the Touch bar. Here is the Apple developer guide.

  6. The touch bar and Macbook Pro gets lots of negative feedbacks: Apple’s computer vision looks backward, as others look forward.

  7. Apple just told the world it has no idea who the Mac is for.

  8. Here are some more hands-on experience with the new MacBook Pros.

  9. This is exactly what I think about the touch bar: “This is an oversimplification, but effectively the Touch Bar is an iOS device — a little computer in a big computer.” — John Gruber

  10. If you haven’t read any of the MacBook opinions, I recommend reading this one: Why Apple’s MacBook Touch Bar was the right thing to do.

I also collected some tweets response on Macbook that’s worth a look:

  • “Apple is doubling down on their bet” — @yaypie.

  • “Watch every person interacting with the TouchBar looking like an old person using a computer for the first time” — @dantz

  • “So basically the touch bar on the MacBook Pro exposes keyboard shortcuts that pros already know” — @benthompson

  • “Reworking a decades-old mouse-based GUI to touch is very hard & arguably a bad idea anyway. MSFT had to try, Apple has a whole other answer” — @BenedictEvans

  • “While many are knocking the Touch Bar, I bet its one of those things you will realize is more than useful than you think once you try it” — @BenBajarin

  • “Apple’s vision of touch on a Mac is to add the benefits of touch closer to where you fingers actually are when you work” — @BenBajarin

I seldom post products news. But this week we have 2 products with touches input that force us to think about how we do our work on computer as at 2017.

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