#35 — Jeremy Keith’s Web Book and plain text stuffs

10 things worth sharing each week.

Hi there,

This week, I would like to focus the topic on web book and writing in plain text.

  1. A web book by Jeremy Keith: Resilient web design.

  2. The book is open sourced on Github, which we can learn a lot in writing book in HTML format.

  3. Especially, we can learn the responsive typography.

  4. And we learn the deep linking with fragmentions, instead of linking to the heading.

  5. When we build a web book, we don’t want to disable the pinch-to-zoom for our visitors. App may prevent that, but web needs to allow zooming for accessibility. iOS 10 ignores `user-scalable=no` for this reason. I created a simple testing web page to test it. If you open the link in iOS 10, you can pinch-and-zoom. But if you’re opening it in other mobile devices, most probably you can’t zoom at all.

  6. Writing in plain text means we can focus on content before concerning too much on the styling of the output. iA has an essay explaining the multichannel text processing.

  7. Speaking about plain text. Here is a text emoticon generator. By the way, the Chinese keybroad in iOS does come with built in text emoticon.

  8. Today.txt is a productive approach that focuses yourself to do one thing and mark a good day.

  9. Some other news and websites that worth a look: The Inside Story Behind Pebble’s Demise.

  10. Radio.garden is a funny way to listen to radio channels all over the world.

Quote of the week

Your goal should never be to write something good. It should always be to write something usable.
Jeff Goins

Have a productive writing week.

Thomas Mak