#40 — One minute a week, Learn web design a bit

10 things worth sharing

Hi there,

I finished 2 mobile design and development classes this month, and then started the 6-month WorldSkills training.

The ecosystem around Web Technology, roughly.

Here are the 10 things that worth sharing.

  1. Safari 10.1 update comes with Fetch support, IndexedDB 2.0, a lot more, and CSS Grid.

  2. If you find IndexedDB’s API too complicated, you may want to checkout Mozilla’s LocalForage project.

  3. By the way, Kinto is another project by Mozilla. It is self-host JSON storage service. It could be a good alternative to Parse or Firebase.

  4. CSS Grid will be available by default in modern browsers with the upcoming Firefox 52, Chrome 57, Safari 10.1. As I told my student in web design class, we’ll see CSS grid to be widely supported in 2017.

  5. A concern on the background tab timer in the Chrome 56.

  6. Canvas is good at drawing tons of particles. And this Playing with Particles series is a good start on creative coding.

  7. Deco — A ReactNative IDE for Mac, recommended by my student.

  8. What is a life without the internet? I can’t imagine it.

  9. I just bought that Freewrite Typewriter mentioned in the above post. I met it once last year and missed it.

  10. Getting rid of Wifi and smartphone may be too extreme. But at least, we want to get the attention back — “There are a thousand beautiful ways to start the day that don’t begin with looking at your phone. And yet so few of us choose to do so.”

By the way, I started my “One minute a week, Learn web design a bit” project. Here is the first episode that talked about putting navigation between the end of content and the footer.


One minute a week, Learn web design a bit.

Until next week,
Thomas Mak