#47 — One week after my new notebook, feeling of productivity

Things worth sharing each week

This is Thomas Mak from Macao. Here are things worth sharing this week.

What’s am I working on

A glimpse of my writings.

After the last newsletter, it has been one week with my new notebook. I used to use hare-cover pocket size notebooks until I met the medium size soft cover. That’s a magical changes to me. I wrote 5x more on the medium size notebooks. Now I’m writing 8–10 pages per day, which I can easily finish a 72-page notebook in around one week. What’s more rewarding? My brain feels fresh so that I could focus more on the actual job. There is no more distracting ideas left in the brain after writing them down. The size really matters, the extra space between medium and pocket size makes a huge difference psychologically.

Quote wroth sharing — The feeling of productivity

“It’s so easy with the kinds of tools we now have to get the feeling of productivity, the sensation of productivity, without having to actually accomplish anything of merit or anyithng that we might actually find meaningful at the end of the day” — Jocelyn K. Glei, Interview at Offscreen issue 19.

Why I write newsletter — It’s an archive of myself

This newsletter does not have much audiences, To be honest. Despite that my writing may not actually be read, I still want to keep my writing steak every week.

To me, this is like an archive of myself. I take this opportunity to write about what I’m working on each week. I shared links and occasionally opinions on how I think the web and tech industry. After months and years of writing, when I look back to my previous newsletter, it is a time machine to my past.

For example, I had shared links on the web book publishing topic, which I’m stilling referring to that newsletter myself when I’m writing my next book for he web.

For example, I shared PWA links in another newsletter, which is relevant again when iOS 11 gains PWA support.

So even if few people reads my newsletter. I still write it and publish it. In each week, I collect essays and tutorials that’s worth reading or bookmarking. I enjoy the links very much myself, and hope you find them useful too.

Of course, thank you very much of reading and enjoying my sharings every week.

Web Technology Stuffs worth sharing

  1. Call to contributing from MDN.

  2. Beginner’s guide to creating and animating SVGs.

  3. There is a ResizeObserver that notifies the elements, not the window, on resize event.

  4. We can now inspect animations in Chrome dev tools.

  5. box-decoration-break: clone is useful techniques for multi-line decoration.

  6. I Used The Web For A Day With JavaScript Turned Off.

  7. I ofter forget to handle line-break on long URL, and this CSS-tricks post covers most of the line-break situations, if not all.

  8. Another good post on CSS grid. Suitable to new grid learner.

Enjoy your day!

Until next week,