#7 — On Productivity and web design

10 things worth sharing.

Hi there,

Greeting from Macao.

Here is the 10 things I’d like to share this week. They are about productivity and web design.

  1. I have been using pen & paper for my everyday’s task list. Few days ago I learnt a new productivity method called Bullet Journal. It matches my styles and I stick to it now with my Moleskine.

  2. Besides the paper-based task-list, I reverted to iPhone 5s from my 6s plus few days ago. I find myself more focus when using the compact size device.

  3. Here is the concept of having command line for mobile devices helps boosting productivity. Given that there are more chat bots and chat-based services. I believe we will get used to type to command our phones.

  4. There is an input app like that already. The integrated services is limited now. But it worths keeping an eye on this area.

  5. Actually, I stick to the Drafts app. It allows you to type in whatever in your mind into the mobile phone as the first step. Then you can choose among many options to forward your input into other apps.

  6. On web development, it’s interesting to see how Swift is playing more roles in server-side: Project Frank and “Hello Server Side Swift

  7. On web design, responsive typography is a topic that every month we learn something new on it. We have been using rem and em. The next thing is to migrate to viewport-unit-based typography.

  8. This is a long read: ”It’s 2016 already, how are websites still screwing up these user experiences?!”. Please also read the comments where you can find more cases that ruins the web experience.

  9. Every designer has their own inspiration library. I used to use Ember until I lost all my image files in their data migration. I tried Pixa but didn’t stick to it. Pixave just released their version 2. It sounds promising. By the way, I use Basecamp to manage my inspiration snapshots, quotes and mood-board now.

  10. I drink 2 cups of Americano and also tea every day. It’s around 331mg of caffeine, 69 mg under my daily caffeine limit. How about you?

Quote of the week:

Multi-level dropdown menus where moving the pointer from one level to the next is like an eye-hand coordination test, and if you get it wrong the entire menu vanishes. — markrendle
(That’s why we need to be more forgiving on dropdown menu.)

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Enjoy your weekend!

Best Wishes,

Thomas Mak