#8 — Greeting from Bordeaux

10 things worth sharing

Hi there,

Greeting from Macau, France (Oh yeah, the another Macau).

I’m having a trip at Bordeaux, France for the Abilympics Bordeaux 2016. Let’s make the sharing this week short.

Here is the 10 things I’d like to share this week.

  1. Web design first, 16 CSS Lessons via Post-it® Notes. I like this kind of visual explanation.

  2. If you’re new to typography, read this: A typography workshop.

  3. I don’t draw professionally, but this would be interesting: Toonz Software Used by Studio Ghibli and ‘Futurama’ Being Made Free and Open Source.

  4. I write iOS app, and NSDate formatting drives my crazy until I met this NSDateFormatter.

  5. Interesting to know that we only need 15 decimal places of Pi for almost every calculation. I can remember it: 3.141592653589793. Well, I cheated. I can only remember 3.14159265359.

  6. A very detail insight on how Basecampers use Basecamp for heartbeats. Make user you read their discussion thread in the attached long screenshot.

  7. Some updates from France. There is another Macau in France.

  8. A newspaper clip for my copywriting class, there is a difference between dash and hyphen.

  9. I visited a barrel factory. Here is my sketchnote on how to make a barrel.

  10. Finally, I meet old friends again. That’s what make my life truly meaningful.

Quote of the week:

When you’re in the zone, you don’t think you just act. — Relentless: From Good to Great to Unstoppable

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Enjoy your weekend!

Best Wishes,

Thomas Mak