#9 — Webkit, CSS grid, and web design things

10 things worth sharing

Hi there,

I’m back home. The Macau team got 2 silvers and 1 bronze medal in the Abilympics event.

  1. Web design things come first. The Webkit team releases the Safari Technology Preview edition of it’s web browser. It’s like Google Chrome Canary that supports the latest web standards (drafted or released ones).

  2. By the way, last week, webkit gains support on variable and a bunch of new features.

  3. The polish checklist for web developers contains all the little details that polish your web site. By the way, don’t set user-scalable=nofor web site, use it for your web app only.

  4. A comparison between Zurb Foundation and Bootstrap. I still prefer Zurb Foundation because of its framework design philosophy.

  5. Sometimes, this kind of subtle parallax effect is really cool.

  6. CSS Grid is around the corner. I shared a demo on issue 2. Here is another one — The Holy Grail Layout with CSS Grid — that demonstrates the essential things to get started using CSS grid.

  7. Here is a nice user interface for the team section in web page, from Vimeo.

  8. Speaking of design, I like reading how others work. Here are 16 Famous designers showing us their favorite notebooks.

  9. This news — Siri and iAd Restricted by Apple ‘Policy Czars’ to Limit Customer Data Collection — shows how Apple respects user’s privacy, even if it means making their products less powerful.

That’s what I’ve read last week and find them worth sharing.

Enjoy the links. Enjoy your weekend!

Best Wishes,

Thomas Mak