A Chinese New Year week with sad news.

Makzan’s Dispatch 2020 Week 5

Kobe Bryant passed away in a helicopter accident. R.I.P.

The coronavirus is spreading all over the world. Every day the inflected number and death number goes up. We all wear masks outdoor and clean our hands frequently. There is no any Chinese New Year mood for this week. Hope every one is getting healthy.

Links worth sharing

Introduction to Web Accessibility Course
I mentioned the web accessibility course from W3C in my email 2019 week 49. The course is now available on edX. Highly recommended.

CSS resize none on textarea is bad for UX
First time I heard of some one disabling the textarea resize. It is very important to be able to resize the text area. More surprise to me is a GitHub search showing 2,000,000+ results of textarea resize:none.

Google Dataset Search
I just discovered this dataset search.

A grayscale color palette
My favorite is #101010 and #f3f3f3, almost white and almost black.

Privacy related concern to CSS visited
For privacy concern, there is only limited style we can set on :visited link. And we cannot change opacity on :visited link even using allowed color property.

Facebook releases off-facebook activities list
The first thing I do there is to cancel all off-facebook connections. I have not been active on Facebook main app for a while. I deleted the app in phone too. The only Facebook thing I’m still using is WhatsApp for work and Instagram for some casual sharing. I created makzan.live to host my own photo feed instead of relying on Instagram.

Code worth sharing

I created a CSS only tab with radio button and flexbox. Radio buttons are useful for let user select one of the options, such as 1 tab in the list or 1 file in file tree.


Quote worth sharing

“The most important thing is to try and inspire people so that they can be great in whatever they want to do.”—Kobe Bryant

Thanks Kobe for inspiring me a lot for the professionalism.

Until next week,
Thomas Mak