An Active Working folder to minimize tasks switching overhead

Makzan’s Dispatch 2020 week 20

In this multi-tasks world, our time is split into fragments. Yet our highest productivity time happens when we single task and focus on the deliverables. So I work on single tasks in serial. But there are overheads between tasks.

Overhead happens when we try to resume a task. We ask:

  • Where are my files?

  • Where are the reference emails, chat logs?

  • What decisions we have already made?

  • What’s next decision needed in order to deliver?

To flight the overhead and minimize the switching time, I use an Active Working folder strategy. I pin this folder as the first item in my finder sidebar. It contains all the deliverables that I have to do recently. Each folder is named in the “YYYY-MM-DD Summary” convention.

The date is the deadline of the delivery date, in ISO 8601 date format for ascending sorting. Each delivery folder contains all the materials, references, emails that I need to finish and deliver the task. They are accessible and collected together so that I have the context whenever I resume the task. This highly reduces the overhead time wasted.

Whenever I have done and delivered the task, I move it into archives. So when I'm visiting this archives folder occasionally, I have a done list that I can celebrate what I have finished and delivered.

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