Digital Bullet Journal using Github Issues

Makzan’s Dispatch 2020 week 7

While I write a lot with pens and physical notebooks, I still have digital management system. One of them is the digital bullet journal. I find that private Github Issues can be a good alternative of digital bullet journal.

Here is my setup.

  1. Every day, create a new issue named “How to make YYYY-MM-DD a meaningful day?”.

  2. In the content, list at most 3 important tasks to do that day.

  3. Write down events scheduled on that day.

  4. Mark a --- horizontal rule

  5. Write misc tasks that wish to be done as well that day. Make it short.

  6. Make sure “Check future log” is in the misc task.

That’s it for the beginning of the day. Now during the day, when remarkable things happens, comment on the issue. This could be a handwritten note, a photo of the day, a quick thoughts.

At the end of the day, give a emoji feedback to the issue and write a conclusion, either handwritten or directly typing in the comment box. Then close the issue.

At last, save the web page as .webarchive format for future offline reading.

Comic worth sharing

Minor Change

Links worth sharing

CSS Grid Generator

Useful when you are getting started using CSS Grid. But if your grid is quite complicated, I prefer using named grid template areas.

Exploring Web Speech API

Web speech API is here.

Listen to web page changes

It is fun to listen to heavy web application such as Facebook. You can have a glimpse on how much chagnes (and API calls) Facebook make during your browsing.


Docket is a CRUD API testing service. Good for quick testing. The only problem is they limit the API calls to 50 per day. But it is open sourced so you may just setup the playground server yourself.

This week I learnt: Why is map called map.

“map” comes from Mathematics Set Theory.


Common mistakes when using wildcards find command in Linux

A JS library to share selection text to social network

Thanks for reading. Enjoy your week.

Until next week,
Thomas Mak