Issue 1 — I’m feeling lucky

10 Things Worth Sharing by Makzan.

Hi there,

This is Thomas Mak. Each Friday, I share 10 things that I have read and find them worth sharing. I hand-pick and carefully review them before sharing.

  1. An interview on Adobe’s Stephen Nielson discussing the evolution of photoshop.

  2. Also the past, present and future of design tools.

  3. My Bathroom Mirror Is Smarter Than Yours — I have been dreaming to have this kind of cool display integrated into my home.

  4. Read about why you should avoid vibrating color.

  5. Nathan on knowing when to quit.

  6. Interesting read on why don’t people buy sublime text.

  7. I really like this kind of randomness : Illustrator Pathfinder Re-designed. By the way, recommend to read his weekly newsletter.

  8. Short and useful book: A Technique for Producing Ideas.

  9. I don’t buy the idea of applying Google’s material design in iOS app. Google’s design pattern should stay within Google’s brand. But still, this Material for Swift is a good place to have a glimpse of all material design patterns.

  10. Sero — A little quick fix game that pay once and kill your time.

Story behind this email: I read different kinds of essays and news every day. I clipped them down and every weekend I review what’s worth sharing. I tried running the email newsletter in April 2015 but I failed to commit the writings. Your support is my momentum to keep writing. If you like this email, please forward it to your friends.

Enjoy the rest of your Friday.

Best Wishes,
Thomas Seng Hin Mak