Issue 2—Do the best work

10 Things Worth Sharing by Makzan.

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This is Thomas Mak. Each Friday, I share 10 things that I have read and find them worth sharing. I hand-pick and carefully review them before sharing to you. Hope you enjoy them.

  1. Podcasts for startups: Startup School by Seth Godin. Another startup school radio by Aaron Harris.

  2. The “Best selling author” talks about selling books. But the same can apply to other professions.

  3. I use AirTable to collect homework from my classes. I also use it to track progress, which I can attach files that needed. I’m sure you’ll find your needs with this database/spreadsheet tool.

  4. Loopback is the essential tool for screencasters. It routes your audio between your apps.

  5. Why mobile first is outdated? Because “what really matters is screen, not devices”.

  6. I always teach my Git course students to write better commits. And the art of commits is a must-read essay for anyone using Git.

  7. Here is a glimpse on the up-coming CSS-grid with this short demo post by Mark — A friend I met in São Paulo during WorldSkills competition.

  8. MVP is not a product, it is a process provides another thoughtful process to go lean.

  9. This is a life-changing mindset: Life is like tetris.

  10. What makes a good life? “The good life is built with good relationships.”

Finally, a quote of the week:

Do the best work you can when the world isn’t watching.
Jeff Goins

Hope you enjoy the reading list for your weekend. I read different kinds of essays and news every day. I clipped them down and every weekend I review what’s worth sharing. Keep writing every week is not easy. Your support is my momentum to keep writing. If you like this email, please forward it to your friends.

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