Issue 3 — Sketch your idea

10 Things Worth Sharing by Makzan.

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This is Thomas Mak. Another Friday for 10 things that I find them worth sharing. I hand-pick and carefully review them before sharing to you. Hope you enjoy them.

This week, I share links about note taking, drawing and writings.

  1. I believe in drawing to express your idea and to explain things. That’s why ugly sketches are better.

  2. I used to sketch ugly prototypes with Marvel or Pop.

  3. If you use the sketch app in interface design, you may want to check out the very special sketch tips.

  4. Books recommended for expressing ideas visually: the napkin book series by Dan Roan and The Sketchnote handbook by Mike Rohde.

  5. A long read on how to make the branding message more relevant to potential customer: Copywriting 101: What’s In It For Me?

  6. The Brooks Review shows you how they build a newsletter with Ulysses. Ulysses is the writing app that balances simplicity and essential features.

  7. Idea takes time to shape and we have to put them somewhere. Ulysses is good for text-based ideas. Evernote is good for all forms of data, I never feel comfortable when using it’s interface. Dropbox Paper becomes my go-to tool to jot down all my ideas. It’s still in beta, but worth to join the waiting list.

  8. Sometimes, we just need a place to hold every files / notes / copied information for the current working project. I use Unclutter app in my Mac for this purpose and it has done a great job.

  9. Speaking of Dropbox, it has a killer feature that you may miss — the revision history. Dropbox tracks the changes of your documents, even deleted ones. But it requires web interface to operate the history of the Dropbox documents. This 3rd part Mac app — Revision App — provides a handy history review tool right in your Mac’s menu bar.

  10. During all these sketching, working, writing process, don’t forget to show your work — a book by Austin Kleon, highly recommend.

Finally, a quote of the week:

Share what you love, and the people who love the same things will find you
–Austin Kleon, Show your work.

Which one of the topic you like most in the mail? or none of them? Just hit reply for any feedback.

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