Issue 4 — Links for Web Standard

10 Things Worth Sharing by Makzan.

Greeting from Macao.

This week I collected some links for developing with web standard. Enjoy :-)

  1. JavaScript module sound complex and different terms make it more confusing. This easy-to-understand beginner guide to JavaScript module helps a lot on how JS works in modules.

  2. Jake on putting CSS Link in body.

  3. Dragula is a good dragging library that “doesn’t depends on bloated frameworks”.

  4. An important thing but web developers often ignores: How to use ARIA effectively with HTML5.

  5. Intercom on Design Principles — Choosing the right patterns.

  6. Work in Progress channel: A behind the scene on discussing how Basecamp looks.

  7. Speaking of UI, here is when and why to use wireframes.

  8. I still believe in Adobe Animate (Formly Flash) still can take a role in current web design, especially with it’s function of HTML5 canvas export with dynamic instances. Here is a compilation of the animation that’s made with Animate.

  9. A Canvas-JS game, both for a quick-fix and for learning.

  10. We all have failed somehow. This is a good place to learn from failures.

Finally, a quote of the week:

You need to take care when using layout systems where content dictates layout (such as tables & flexbox) to avoid content-shifting during load. This isn’t a new problem, but progressive rendering can expose it more frequently. You can hack flexbox to behave, but CSS grid is a much better system for overall page layout (flexbox is still great for smaller components).
–Jake Archibald, link in body.

Thanks for reading my email. If you find them inspirational, please share the list with your friends.

Enjoy your weekend.

Best Wishes,

Thomas Mak