Issue 8 of Web Design Readings

Web Design Readings – Issue 8

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Butterick’s Practical typography

I have read the book Butterick’s Practical typography for a long while. This is a very good guide that I recommend everyone to read. If you can’t allocate so much time to read the whole book yet, the author provides a 10-minutes guide. Actually it’ll just take you 5 minutes and the author suggests you to use another “five min­utes to read them again”.

CSS3 Animation Cheat Sheet

Justin Aguilar created a “CSS3 Animation Cheat Sheet” that contains many nicely crafted CSS animations to give motions to your web projects.

Before I learnt to use CSS transition and animation, I was a Flash animation designer. I know that crafting an animation is not easy. The animations in the cheat sheet are high quality with good easing timing.

Foundation for App and FlexBox

I’m a fan of the Zurb Foundation framework. Just now Zurb Foundation for App is released. It heavily makes use of the FlexBox for the grid components. FlexBox has been supported widely in modern browsers. If you are new to FlexBox, I drew a cheat sheet on laying out content in container with FlexBox.

Having fun with CSS block

There are discussions on making fun with CSS Puns. That’s like telling a story with a block of CSS code. For example, Fran Pérez posted:

.lego { display: block; } 

Another example that Andy Merskin posted, which is based on a scene happened in the comic “It’s over 9000”:

.dragon-ball { z-index: 9001; } 

There is even a sum up on the most favorite ones by Masey.

By the way, this is my favorite one by KeythKatz in the reddit thread.

.big-bang:before {    content: ""; } 

Next time when you feel bored coding, you may try to have some fun and make an Easter egg inside your CSS.

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