Learning deck with check points

Makzan’s Dispatch 2020 week 15

Hi friends,

Miscellaneous things happened this week.

  • I took a week off staying at home. Most of the time is for family, reading and thinking.

  • I had fun LEGO time with my sons. They have been staying home mostly since January. They need the imagination to go beyond the front door.

  • I had a nice catchup with my old friend on life purpose. It is more about periodic self-reflection on the direction than choosing the “right” purpose. We can’t be sure if the purpose is right or not without exploration and reflection.

  • I also finished reading the book Bruce Lee Artist of Life《李小龍:生活的藝術家》, and Antifragile. They are highly recommended. Now I’m reading the book Thank You for Being Late.

  • I finished the class—Cross-Platform Application with JavaScript and React Native— last week as well. It is much more convenient now to use function components with hooks than defining class component in React.

  • I’m exploring to sell my courses on Teachable.com. The MakClass system is often designed for my in-person classes. Teachable, or similar online course platform, allows me to monetize what I teach from offline to online.

  • I am redesigning my Python class for next week’s first lecture.

I divide the course into a series of learning checkpoints. I call it the learning deck. Each card in the deck is a topic. Each topic comes with a checklist of learning points. 

It is like my Learning How to Learn deck. But with python content there and checklist on each card.

Links worth sharing

Making Things Better

I woke up, to the rumors that were later confirmed that Microsoft were dropping their rendering engine EdgeHTML in favour of using Chromium. And I feared that we were heading right back to the days where one browser had over 95% market share. Where one browser could quite literally dictate the direction of the web.

Create Your Playbook

I have my own guidebook, live privately in my Notion workspace. I organize my lesson learnt and letters to future me. I also consolidate my thoughts there. These are the reflection of my fails and success so that I can do better next time.

markmap-lib: A markdown to mind map JS library

I was always want something like this and last week this link pops up.


A color contrast checking tool for accessibility. YouTube’s red and white colors indeed fails the contrast accessibility guideline.

The Beauty of the Apple Watch's Solar Dial Face

If you have the latest Apple Watch, you might want to check out the details Solar Dial face gives. For me, my Apple Watch is still original, aka series 0, which can only run watchOS 4.3.2. This is my only Apple device that doesn’t run the latest OS. My watch will be 5 years old by the end of this month.

Swift: Google's bet on differentiable programming

The end of the post lists several exciting projects for Swift, including Swift’s alternatives to Python’s Numpy, Pandas, Scikit-learn.

Misc. worth sharing

Trying to fix a CSS bug

Until next week,