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Hi there,

It is 2019 week 18-20. We have past one third of 2019. How is the progress of your 2019 goal?

In the last 3 weeks, I was trying a different workflow. I was trying the Microsoft To-Do and OneNote. I haven't adapted any Microsoft services since I switched to Mac on 2004. But Apple’s service was not as good as before now. And Microsoft is getting much better under the new CEO. So I’m giving their services a second try.

Microsoft todo

Microsoft To-Do was built from the team behind Wunderlist. I was heavy Wunderlist user until Microsoft bought it at 2015. I left and switched to Things since then. And now I’m back to Wunderlist team by trying their latest Microsoft To-Do.

The “My Day” in Microsoft To-Do is the key feature. It defines the focus every day. All todo lists are backlogs. They store the tasks in organized buckets. Every day, I pick the most important tasks and add them to the Today list. The list get empty every day even I have un-finished tasks there. The app then provides a review list for me to pick tasks for a new fresh day.


I tried different note taking software until I found that a physical loose-leaf notebook fits my daily workflow. Then I seek a digital loose-leaf notebook on iPad and came across the OneNote again.

When I tried OneNote several years ago, it was buggy and slow. Now it gets more stable and robust. The ability to collect any files into the app is essential to my iOS workflow. And ability to type and draw also fits my iPad Pro usage.

I create a new section for each day and create all my notes there until I file them into my Basecamp project. I also put temporary files into OneNote until I finish them and deliver the files.

Links worth sharing

Coder → VS Code on Cloud

I miss Cloud9. I switched to since Nitrous shut down many years ago. Now I have to either switch to the AWS Cloud9 edition or to seek another cloud IDE.

CSS FX → A collection of tiny CSS effects

Tiny effects to enhance personality through motion on the web.

What is the one thing? → It doesn't exists.

This is why I don’t have one single skill for all my web projects. No one app to do all things in my daily life. No one method to last forever on productivity.

Semantic HTML and ARIA → Let's start from the basic

> “The most common reason people gave was a lack of awareness and understanding of the benefits of using semantic HTML and ARIA.”

Reader Mode → Building website for reader mode

One of the benefits of having semantic tags is to allow reader mode. This is the first thing I taught in mobile web class: To make the content accessible on mobile, first thing is to enable the reader mode by making the tags semantic. The responsive layout comes second.

Simplify and Focus → Simplify Your Day to Have a Greater Impact

> Simplify. Focus on the important, meaningful tasks instead of churning. And actually dive into those meaningful tasks instead of procrastinating because of the uncertainty that comes with them.

Code worth sharing: Web Share

Web Share that works for macOS, iOS and Android. Instead of going to the linked URL, the system prompts the share menu for the given URL.

Code demo:

Quote worth sharing

“Blind spots are when we don’t realize what we don’t know.” — The Science of Self-Learning

Until next week,
Thomas Mak

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