Makzan’s Weekly Dispatch 2019w1: Tunneling for 6 months

Hi <<First Name>>,

This is the first email since 2018 June. What have I been working on in the last 6 months?

My 2nd son was born on June. A new infant means I was suddenly running out all my time and can't spare any time writing much.

Also my elder son went to school on September. It was a big change to him as well as me. We both have a lots to learn.

This is what I called tunneling time in life.

Before such life event, we often have many things working in progress. Furthermore, we have extra ideas and hobbies that want to tryout.

When such life event happens, we go through the tunnel. Inside the tunnel, we are forced to go forward without any distractions. We need to focus on the solo thing until the end of the tunnel.

The end of tunnel usually means things get automated again. For example, the infant grows up. By that time, we can expose to extra opportunities again.

Things worth sharing

iPad Keyboard → Canopy keyboard stand

Everyone I know that bought an iPad Pro also bought the smart folio keyboard. But it really is not the only choice.

I use Studio Neat’s Canopy and Apple’s bluetooth keyboard at office.

I type a lot that a good keyboard helps. The smart folio keyboard may be good for casual typing, it is definitely not suited for daily heavy usage. My hands feel tired very soon in that keyboard.

The canopy acts as a stand with a good working angle. It holds the keyboard firmly. Using the Apple bluetooth keyboard gives a bonus that the function keys can control the sound and brightness on iPad.

Productivity tips

Shortcuts on iOS, previously known as Workflow, has enormous potentials to boost productivity on mobile phone. I create shortcuts when I find myself doing repetitive work.

One of my most used Shortcuts is the "Combine Images" shortcut. It allows me to select several photos, usually screenshots, and put them into a single image.

Quote of the week

If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you. —Fred Devito

Until next week,
Thomas Mak

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