Makzan’s Weekly Dispatch 2019w12: Teaching classes

Hi <<First Name>>,

This week I had training almost every evening. iOS development on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Mobile web design training on Wednesday and Saturday. Also another web class on the Saturday morning.

During the teaching, I take the chance to improve MakClass, my online teaching system. Also I am taking the chance to update my Mobile First Web Design book into second edition. I released the first edition years ago and it is time to update it to fit the 2019 mobile usage. For example, the Zurb Foundation has switched from float based layout into the flexbox based xy grid. There are also new responsive approach via css grid.

Even I have taught the classes that I’m teaching this week for many times, I still learn new things every time I teach. Same as putting my experience into books. It takes me more times to elaborate the details explanation. But it worths the time because I learn a lot when explaining it.

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Dark mode in CSS that follows OS preference.

Quote worth sharing

Individuals who are given tasks can only do tasks. Teams who are given whole projects can make trade-offs and solve problems. — Ryan Singer

Until next week,
Thomas Mak

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