Makzan’s Weekly Dispatch 2019w7: Moving into new apartment

Hi <<First Name>>,

In last week, I was busy moving things into my new apartment. It was scheduled to move in living there lats week but we need some move construction work so it delays to next week.

I setup a LG UltraFine 4K in a corner of my working room. It is a nice companion to my iPad Pro, Macbook Pro and Surface Go. All of them can be charged with USB-C from this UltraFine monitor. An IKEA wireless charger for my iPhone and USB-C to Lightening for AirPod.

Links worth sharing

How good is your UI sense → Can’t Unseen
This UI game gives you two choices each time to choose the right one. Some of the them are quite tricky. I got 2 choices wrong. How about yours?

This game reminds me the kerning, color and bezier games from

Much cooler than Apple Store → The Raspberry Pi store

Imagine that my kids hanging out in the Raspberry Pi store, and trying all the IoT gadgets. That would be really cool things.

List of front-end conferences → CSS-Tricks

CSS-Tricks now shows a list of front-end conferences in the coming months. Is there one near by your location? I’m considering the JSConf.Asiain Singapore.

Mobile First → Foundation Docs 2 from 2011

Last week I re-visit the 2011 Foundation Docs by chance. And feel amazed again on the mobile grid it provides back in 2011.

Code worth sharing

Codepen demo from @sarahbou → background-blend-mode

/* Source code from */ @supports (background-blend-mode: multiply) {   .hero {     background-image: linear-gradient(to right, #2EE1F6, #F62ED2 80%),  url(;     /* black/white image */     background-blend-mode: multiply;   } }

Quote worth sharing

“If you’ve made some missteps, do what you can to focus on moving forward.” — Carl Richard, The One Page Finacial Plan

Until next week,
Thomas Mak

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