Makzan’s Weekly Dispatch 2019w8: Meaningful Jobs

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In last week, I finally moved into my new apartment and began our new life there with my wife and 2 sons. It also means I need to have better budget system to track all the household spending. That’s why I’m now reading the book You Need A Budget. It shows a different aspect on why we need budget. In short, it is not about restricting money spending. It is about giving every dollar a job where it should spend. You can read my notes highlight in my goodreads profile.

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Links worth sharing

Meaningful Jobs → Once a teacher, always a teacher

“...He made a long pause, and then he said that he wants to do something meaningful. And this was my wake-up call. A meaningful job!”

I have my meaningful job too. I work on CPTTM and WorldSkills to promote IT and web technologies. What about you?

Gumroad → Reflecting on My Failure to Build a Billion-Dollar Company

I have been using Gumroad for years. Reading this article reminds me the stay small strategy of the book Company of One that I shared on 2019w4 newsletter.

Contact form to Email without server → FormSubmit

There are many times when we need a contact form but don’t want to build a server just for the form. This FormSubmit is a good alternative.

JavaScript → Server-side apps with client-side rendering

I often prefer server-side rendering and progressively enhanced the user interaction via JavaScript. Traditional server-side rendering + Turbolinks to speed up the front-end loading experience. Speaking of Turbolinks, it is also worth reading the old post on how Basecamp 2 was so fast. Also worth mentioning a lightweight JavaScript enhancement library: Stimulus.

JavaScript → Performance vs Readability

Performance or Readability? It depends on the scale of data handling. For most of the time, I prefer readability until the performance hurts. By proper encapsulation, we can hide complex and low-level algorithms into internal API to increase readability.

Apple Developers → Two-Factor Authentication

Apple is rolling out 2fa authentication to developer account. This new support page shows more details.

Events in block chain → 區塊鏈的思考藝術

“「物件」是無常的、可毀滅的 ,但「事件」則是恆常而不可能毀滅的。”

What block chain stores are events, not data.

Code worth sharing

We can draw background pattern by using multiple CSS gradient with transparent stops.

Quote worth sharing

“My question to you is, do you have a meaningful job? Do you like what you do? Are you proud of what you do? If yes, then shine and enjoy, if not then try to find your passion and make bold moves. It is worth it!” — Margit Tennosaar

Until next week,
Thomas Mak

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