My digital organizing system

Makzan’s Dispatch 2020 week 6

We encounter many inputs every day. There are different links from our favorite websites. There are different development snippets. There are working instructions. Tons of inputs every day. These data inputs needs to be organized so that they become useful for me to make decision.

By tagging and organizing data into groups, data becomes information. After I digest the information into writings, information becomes knowledge.

So the digital organization that I built is dedicated to this purpose. I designed different entry points to reach my entries. There are tags, dates, saved searches, pinned entries. I can also filter entries with URL and attachment content type.

I enjoy the ability to read random pages in my analog notebooks. That’s why I list random notes every time I’m on home page.

Links worth sharing

Chrome 80 update

Chrome 80 update arrived. There are at least 2 changes that need to be aware.

Grid layout calculation changes in Chrome 80

Same site cookie update

For details: Promiscuous Cookies and Their Impending Death via the SameSite Policy 4

The end-to-end test software just got Firefox and Edge support in addition to the Chrome. Good for those who don’t use Chrome.

Append any web terms to to get directly to MDN documentation. For example,

It uses the single bang (!) search query to redirect to the first search result. So the above query becomes:! text-overflow

which searches MDN site with the given query and directly jumps to the first result.


A brief history of how we arrive the current state of web technologies.

NASA connects to voyager 2 again

It takes 17 hours one-way to communicate with Voyager 2 from Earth, which is the furthest away manmade object in space. That means a single information relay takes 34 hours.

Basecamp team just announces that they will release a new product around emails. They are now accepting reservations. So far there are over 13,000 on the list after 24 hours of announcement , according to @jasonfried’s tweet.

What is behind Not following:

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Thomas Mak