Take rest → Recharge energy → Eat that frog

Makzan’s Dispatch 2019 week 49.

There are only around 16 working days in December in Macao. It is holiday season. We take rest to go further.

Every week we need rest to recharge our energy for another sprint in the working days. Some take 1-day weekend. Most take 2-day weekend. Few even take 3-day weekend, for instance, Microsoft is trying a 4-day work week


Some weeks ago, I was having two full day of intensive work at weekend. When we work at both Saturday and Sunday, we may tell ourself this is just an extension of my work week into 6th and 7th days. But indeed, there is another 5 working days next week. So in total, it is a 12-day working days in series if we work at weekends. Not taking rest impacts our energy which impacts our ability to concentrate.

We need energy to focus on our most important tasks every day. When our energy runs out, we lack discipline to eat that frog — the hard work that requires deep focus work. 


Science centre view after working late at weekend. 

Links worth sharing

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Web accessibility is always an issue in web industry. This course could provide a good introduction. Course starts at 2020 Jan.

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Leon Stafford: WordPress As A Static Site Generator

Wordpress with API + Client or even exporting the Wordpress into static site could be a trend. Non-technical employees may get used to the Wordpress admin panel due to the large ratio of Wordpress engine used all over the world. But we may want a different client-sides to display rather than the PHP output.

The joy and power of being the independent underdog - Signal v. Noise

They didn’t have to ship a million units—they could ship a thousand units and that’d be plenty great. They could chase whatever ideas they wanted to chase, because they didn’t have to answer to anybody.

Hard Problems in Cryptocurrency: Five Years Later

Go champion Lee Se-dol retires, says AI cannot be defeated.

Quote of the week

“If you could do only one thing on this list all day long, which one task would contribute the greatest value?” — Eat that Frog, page 48.

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