Using a distraction-free secondary phone

Makzan’s Dispatch 2020 Week 3.

This is a productivity tips of making the phone distraction-free.

In the recent several months, I have been using two phones, one is my primary iPhone X in my backpack. Another one is a secondary phone, iPhone 8 Plus, in my pocket. 

Messages is the only communication app installed in my phone that I carry, which I chat with my wife. My primary phone has the WhatsApp, WeChat, Messenger, Instagram, Telegram installed. Those apps connect my workmates and friends. I intentionally put this phone in my backpack and without any SIM cards installed. So literally I’m offline when I’m out of office and Wi-Fi network.

The benefit of this phone usage is to get disconnected automatically. Most of us have the habit of checking our phone without any intentions. When notifications appear, we are distracted. By having a phone in pocket without any one can reach me—except my wife, I prevent all those notifications interruptions.

Links worth sharing

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The book Shape Up gets a discussion forum

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Showing why To Do lists only work in theory and that in reality there is more work to be added to the list that is not yet captured.—Omid

Design System Checklist

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A privacy-aware and lightweight web statistics tool. Easy setup and simple insights. And it is open source.

Quote of the week

Every Monday morning I ask myself these questions:
•What are the 3 things I absolutely need to accomplish this week?
•What are my roadblocks?
•What resources / help do I need?
•What meetings do I need to schedule or reschedule?
•Where do I want to be on Friday?

Until next week,
Thomas Mak