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Makzan’s Update at 2019 week 46-48. 

My student Godkin, who won the gold medal at 2017 WorldSkills Web Design and Development, finally gets the honorary certificate award from Macao SAR government. I’m so proud of him! 

I got the same certificate award when I was in high school at 2003. It was because of the bronze medal in the same skill. Then I started participating in the web technologies skill as experts and later deputy chief expert, and now the skill competition manager. This was all because my mentors at home school and the mentors who brought me to the international stage.

It is 130th anniversary of my home school and at the gathering, I met all those mentors that taught me. I can’t express my thanks enough to them for shaping the current me. I won’t be following the same career path without WorldSkills and without all the fellows that helped me.

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In this issue:

Avoid some build-to-order mistake when buying the new Macbook Pro 16"

I made the mistake when I was buying the Macbook Pro 13” 2016 version. The build-to-order option from Apple Store is quite tricky. So if you are considering buying one, it may worth checking out the buyer guide on Youtube by Max Tech.


During my work at weekend, we talked about my bag that I was using for years — under the jack. That is also the major reason that prevents me to buy the new 16 MacBook Pro is the back bag. Now I’m wearing the under-the-jack v2 13 inch version. (So does Godkin) 

They sold out the 15 inch bag. I’m waiting for the 4.0 release with solid black color. Highly recommend if they release the solid black color.

Basecamp Personal

Basecamp officially launches their free plan again. It is not a freemium model that encourages users to join the paid plan. It is a free for personal model that I know many of the users are already paying for the Basecamp (for Business) plan. 

Electron and Mac App Store

Meanwhile, the browser engines have to use the private APIs to get faster web page rendering performance:

Multiple-selecting email with two finger gesture in iOS
I won’t ever discover this gesture by myself.

Web Almanac 2019

The state of the web. Good read!

State of JavaScript 2019

Now the State of JavaScript is calling survey input for the 2019 report.


What’s new in PHP 7.4

Things you may not know about Chrome DevTools

Thinking in React Hooks

CyberTruck in CSS

Quote worth sharing

“Your success will be in direct proportion to how you spend your ‘free’ time.” — Mike Dunlap

From my friend Margit’s Twitter last week. 

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