Your Life Is like Tetris.

Makzan’s Dispatch 2020 week 1.

Happy New Year!

It is 2020 and I guess many of you are setting goals for the year. I often use my leisure time to reflect my own life. I took the chance to reflect the challenges that I had overcome. Also the failures that I made and how I can improve next time. As I’m reflecting, I often remind myself that life is like Tetris. I put the Tetris game be on my home screen to remind myself every day.

In one of my newsletter in 2016, I shared the link that inspired me on life as Tetris. 

Your Life Is Tetris. Stop Playing It Like Chess.

In life, things don’t get harder — they just get faster.

Don’t try to guess what pieces are coming when you try to improve your situation. Like Tetris, you can simply put yourself in the best possible position without seeking to completely control the system you play in.

Link with sharing


This lightweight server is good for rapid development with those preprocessors. 

> Zwitterion is designed to be an instant replacement for your current web development static file server.

> Production deployments are also possible through the static build.

The double faces of CSS

“Aurélien shows how CSS can be wonderful or dreadful for accesibility depending on how you use it.”

5 things in CSS that worth sharing

It is fast and easy-to-control by combining CSS variables and Javascript setProperty

Pixels vs. Relative Units in CSS: why it’s still a big deal

A detailed example on how text unit can affects the accessibility. 

Hacking your keyboard with karabiner

In my MacBooks, I always switch the function key and the left control key. My little finger gets used to have control on the far left corner of the keyboard. 

This link shares more advanced techniques to customize the keyboard. For example, long press key with combinations for quick actions. 

Rendering on the Web

Revisiting different render approaches from server side rendering to client side rendering to first content posing by browser. 

Quote worth sharing

“Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself. ”
— George Bernard Shaw

Until next week,
Thomas Mak